Bill’s Major Surgery:
Houston Medical Center

Bill developed aneurysms on his aortic artery, three to be exact, upper, mid, and lower all of which were a size that could lead to a  rupture which would be catastrophic. His cardiologist suggested the we go to Houston Medical Center and consult with Dr. Crawford  the only surgeon who was doing the lower fix.

We started the journey and met with Dr. Crawford and his 19 teen member team in training and agreed to have the surgery. Crawford was an amazing physician, since I was handling their finances the question of cost came up. His answer was simple whatever the insurance payed was his fee we never. We never received a bill!

The surgery lasted over ten hours  with Bill’s body temperature being lowered to 90 degrees F .  Bill then spent almost 3 months in intensive care recovering from the surgery because they could not get him off the respirator support due to his lung capacity.  Probably caused by his smoking.

Finally we were ready to bring him home from Houston to Huntington Beach. When I went to check him out they printed his medical charges which amounted to  three quarter of an inch of computer paper. Thank God I had a no limit American Express Card.

We were prepared for the worse when we looked at the total charges  a little more than $431,000.  I almost fainted!  Thank God for doctors and medical centers that were truly there to help.

Tally and Thora  stayed at a hotel that connected to the hospital by a walkway for the whole time.  I would fly in every week to be with them and Pat came down to be there for a while also. Now it was white knuckle time for me.

He needed an oxygen tank to get home finding an airline that would allow it was difficult, hats off to American Airlines they allowed all of us to fly home.  Bill and Tally were in first class and Thora and I were in coach so I would go up  frequently and check on them and Mom said to me stop worrying.

I got upset and have to confess that I yelled at an Angel out of nervous frustration.  She was right we made it and Bill recovered for a long time. We found out much later that one of the repairs was not successful which really upset Bill. You could see in him for the first time a lack of fight. While not  being a physician, the lack of fight was probably a influencing factor in his passing.

8 thoughts on “OGDEN’S RADIO SCHOOL”

  1. I was barely 19 yr.s of age when I enrolled at R.O.E.S. It took me six (6) full weeks, but with Bill Ogden’s dogged persistence, I successfully passed the FCC First Class Radio License. It literally changed my life and I’ll be forever grateful to Bill, Tally, Theora and Major Comet Zip for making it possible.

    I went on to own and operate three small market radio stations. Subsequently, branched out into to become stockholder and president of a group of cable TV systems.

    My broadcast interest led me to politics where I served as City Councilman and two-time Mayor of Escondido, California.

    My experience at R.O.E.S. was a very special time in my life and have Bill Ogden to thank.

  2. I remember Bill allowing us to watch the moon landing in July 1969. We slept upstairs and spent long hours studying for the first class license downstairs. Our excitement was watching the fireworks from Disneyland at night. Don’t forget the planes almost hitting our building while taking off from airport. Never forget our time at Bill Ogden’s. Pat LaPointe class of 1969

  3. After my U.S.A.F. discharge in ‘57 I went to Ogdens school in Burbank. After six weeks of study, 10-12 hours a day I had my First Phone and first radio job.
    In retrospect I owe the beginning of my 47 year radio career to Bill and the many hours he personally spent with
    our group working by our side seven days a week.
    Don Pummill
    Class of 1962

    1. Don,
      Thanks for visiting our on-line Museum. We encourage you to sign the Ogden’s Guestbook, and share your memories. If you have any photos of your Ogden’s days, please send them our way. Ogden’s had thousands of graduates, including you! Congratulations to you on a nice career.
      Rick Myers, Modesto Radio Museum President
      Ogden’s Class of 1968

  4. As a high school dropout, I attended “Bill” Ogden’s ROES, class of January, 1970 and graduated in February that year. Doing Radio was a kick, as we say in the vernacular, but it created anxiety and underarm odor for me with my limited academics. But it did serve to send me back to school… with a GED, four years later I graduated with Honors from Phoenix College. I discovered my raison d’etre in Psy 101. I fell in love with Psychology and went to ASH, the Arizona State Hospital to start my career as a Behavioral Counselor. I am proud of my experience in Bill’s ROES; I am ever indebted to Bill for teaching me that I could accomplish the difficult.

  5. I attended Bill Ogden’s Radio Operational Engineering School back in 1971, Bill affectionally would tell us “You don’t have the brains God gave a tennis ball”. I will never forget those 12 hour school days , theory in the morning and math in the evening . I wish I had stayed in contact with some of my classmates .

    1. Thanks for visiting the Ogden Pages; you’ve joined hundreds of others. If you have your class photo from ’71, please send us a copy. We will place your comments in the Ogden’s Guestbook. If you have any more stories, please send those, too—Rick Myers, Modesto Radio Museum President, and Ogden grad ’68.

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