Dwight Case, 90

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: Remembering Dwight Case

By  Radio Ink

Dwight Case was born in Modesto June 29, 1929. His career began at KFIV, Modesto and from there he was destined to change the landscape of the broadcasting industry in America.

Among his many accomplishments Dwight was the President of RKO Radio,  was Publisher and Editor of Radio & Records magazine, and was the founder of TRANSTAR, the first 24-hour satellite entertainment provider.  It was Dwight who was the first in the industry to put women in major positions.

“Dwight Case was a true leader and visionary of the radio industry. He had a profound impact on my career and on my love of radio. He opened up many doors for me both professionally and personally for which I will always be grateful. He supported me as a female in the industry when it was not fashionable or commonplace and helped me to find my voice. I look back on the many spirited conversations we have had over the years and can only hope we provided him as much inspiration and thought as he provided us.”– Erica Farber, CEO RAB, The Radio Advertising Bureau.   (Courtesy Radio Ink)

Dwight at a K-5 remote, doing his show at Burge’s Drive In.
The Cruisers all came by to see Dwight.







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