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Mike at 19 years old when he was with KNDE, Sacramento. Presenting to students at Highlands High School. (Picture courtesy of Mike Green)

Mike is a Modesto boy who began his radio career at KOSO in Patterson, CA. in 1974.  He was 17 years old. At that time Mike said he was playing “elevator music.” That didn’t last long because Mike had the urge to ROCK and in 1974 at the age of 18 Mike was hired by Larry Maher at KFIV, Modesto, CA.  And from there Mike was on his way. He worked numerous stations in California and across the nation.



Mike at KHYL, Magic 101, Sacramento (Picture courtesy of Mike Green)

Here are a few of the stations Mike has worked for: KXOA, KHYL Magic 101, Cool 101, KROY, KSEG, KSFM, KNDE in Sacramento, CA; KBEE, KFIV in Modesto, CA; KOSO in Patterson, CA; KXXR in Kansas City, MO; KLUC in Las Vegas, NV and KOWL in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Mike’s last air shift was in 2007 at Magic 101 in Sacramento. He is now employed  as an Information Technology Specialist for California’s  Office Systems Integration.

Here’s Mike today still sporting the fabulous locks of hair (Picture courtesy of Mike Green)








Here’s a clip of Mike’s velvet sounds at Magic 101 in Sacramento (2001):

Mike doing a Water World commercial (Mid 1980’s):

Mike doing a commercial for Items (1989):

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