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Mike Novak is a Downey High School graduate (1967). He attended Modesto Junior College where he got an early taste of radio taking the radio broadcasting classes. Mike started out as an Agronomy major but tried radio at the suggestion of a friend. Not only did he like radio, he was good at it.

Mike Novak working on voice technique at KRJC, Modesto Junior College, 1968.

Mike started as a weekend on-air personality at KYOS in Merced, CA. He attended William B. Ogden’s Radio Operational Engineering School in Huntington Beach, CA. in 1969 receiving his Federal Communications Commission First Class Radiotelephone License which opened the door for Mike to climb the ladder in the radio industry.

Mike spent time on the air at KDON, Salinas, KYNO, Fresno, two stints at KFRC, San Francisco,  KYUU San Francisco and  B-100 and KSON, San Diego, CA. He also worked as an on-air personalty for K-LOVE for 10 years before becoming the CEO of K-LOVE for 11 years. 

Mike on the air at KSON, San Diego, CA.
A bit of a back story; At KFRC.  Mike was Assistant Program Director and did an afternoon on-air slot. KFRC was a Top 40 Powerhouse in the ’70s and ’80s. Following his successful tenure at KFRC Mike left, working at a few other California Rock Stations before landing at KSON in San Diego, CA. in 1987. It was a good fit; He spent 11 years at KSON playing country music hits and entertaining his Southern California audience.  In 1998, God called Mike to ministry.  He went to work for K-LOVE, Sacramento, CA., playing contemporary Christian music.  Mike’s connection to K-LOVE started about 30-years prior to that.  While at KFRC, he mentored a man named Bob Anthony. Bob lived in Spokane, WA and listened to Mike via skip-wave. Later Bob started K-LOVE.  Bob and Mike reconnected and Mike began his life’s dream of doing what he loved, and at the same time, serving the Lord. Mike was a soothing on air voice for a few years before becoming the CEO.
Mike Novak today, enjoying retirement. (Photo courtesy of Mike Novak)

Although dedicated to his radio career Mike completed the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Academy and served as a volunteer for local law enforcement. He is retired now and living with Cheri, his wife, in Texas. Mike has three children Michael, Ashley and Kelly who mean the world to him. He volunteers his time as the Chaplain for the local law enforcement agency. Mike tells us that all in all, he is happy with his life and he feels as though his life came together with the help of God; He has learned to have more trust and faith in God.  Mike says, “I am a better person now.”

Circa early ’70s – Mike Novak “Shout Out” jingle from KYNO, Fresno.

1998 – Mike’s final show at KSON, San Diego where he entertained Southern California folks for 11 years playing country music hits.

1998 – Mike announcing a contest winner on the air at KSON.

2008 – Mike on the air at K-LOVE

1998 – Assorted commercials from Mike


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