Fast Lane Clark remembers Central Valley Rock & Roll

By: Fast Lane Clark

In December of 1984, KFIV-FM, Rock-102, formerly Classic Rock K102 from 1981-1983, replaced departed Program Director C.J. Stone and at the same time chose to drop their Rock and Roll format in place of Pop Rock. The entire air staff was excused, including me.   I had worked both formats for four years, 1981-December of 1984. Three months later, In March of 1985, a new licensee, Gold Rush Broadcasting   

Want to hear Fast Lane Clark?   He came back to KFIV, for a Graffiti Gold Weekend Reunion in 2013:

Inc. (KDJK 95.1 FM) commenced operations with live rock and roll on the central valley’s newest station, broadcasting from Armstrong Way in Oakdale, Ca. with 30,000 watts of power.      I was the only one fortunate enough to have made the transition from the old Rock-102 to the newest radio station in the valley, KDJK 95.1 FM.  Not only was I  the only DJ from the old Rock 102 to have made the transition to the new rock station in  the valley, I was also the only “homegrown” talent from Modesto to have made it on the original Air staff.   My tenure as one of the on-the-air staff of KDJK-FM was from March 1985 – June 1991.

Fast Lane Clark
Fast LaneClark with Mark Davis, 1986, KDJK-FM
KVFX, Manteca remote broadcast at Best Chevrolet on McHenry Ave. Modesto.







From 1985-1990 KDJK 95.1 FM was the only rock station in the valley, with consistently high ratings.  It had a free-run monopoly with no competition in the live rock and roll format. This continued until the old KQKK, 96.7 FM, changed from Country to Classic Rock in 1990.  After KDJK’s long time Program Director, Mark Davis resigned in February 1991, I chose to move to KVFX-FM 96.7 “The Fox” where I was welcomed with open arms, being the only KDJK DJ to have jumped to the competitor’s camp.


Fast Lane Clark at the K-5 Graffiti Gold Weekend Reunion, 2013

KDJK-FM filed bankruptcy and fell into receivership in 1995.  The station was purchased by a new corporation.   KVFX-FM “The Fox” 96.7 was also sold and subsequently changed their format a year or two later. In looking back at my radio career, I am grateful to all of the valley “Rock Heads”who supported Fast Lane Clark as their hometown hero. It is in large part due their loyal support that I believe I was the only DJ to have worked at all 3 central valley rock stations from 1981-1994.