John Huey – How I Was Convinced To Go Into Radio

The “Midnight Honker” John Huey. He’s the KFIV on air personality that kept Modesto company through those long nights back in the late ’60s. John always boasts that he had better listener numbers from midnight till 6:00 AM than any other radio DJ in Modesto. He will also laughingly point out that  KFIV was the only station broadcasting from midnight to 6am back then.

We ran into John during the Graffiti Days celebration at the Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum in June of 2022. He took the mic as if he’d been doing it all of his life and proceeded to tell us the story of how he was convinced to go into radio by another well known Modesto radio personality.  Enjoy this video from the “Midnight Honker.”

Here’s the raw version of the KFIV jingle John Huey used:


video by Wes Page

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4 thoughts on “John Huey – How I Was Convinced To Go Into Radio”

  1. John, you were a fun, clever, amusing student that I enjoyed knowing. Your choice of radio broadcasting was a good one.

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