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Glenn Fox was born in Modesto, CA but he grew up in Oakdale.  He graduated from Oakdale High School in 1965.  After high school Glenn attended radio school to receive his First Class Radio Telephone License from the Federal Communications Commission  subsequently engaging in a successful radio broadcasting career. He was on the air with radio stations KTRB and KHOP in Modesto in the early to mid ’70s. His last show on KTRB was January 4, 1975. Glenn was known as the “Silver Fox” in part due to his great broadcast voice. Derek Waring who worked with Glenn at KTRB during those early days recalls, “Glenn was a gentle man with a great sense of humor. He loved his job and put everything he had into it.”

Glenn at the control board, KTRB 1975

Glenn worked radio for awhile in Fort Smith Arkanas as a talk show host for KWHN. In 1993 Glenn’s parents, Allen and Marie Fox, who had originally migrated to California from Sallisaw, Oklahoma during the Great Depression, decided to move back to their home area in Sallisaw. Glenn moved with them. In the late 1990s his parents’ health declined and they moved back to Oakdale while he remained in Sallisaw. Glenn had a variety of jobs and finally purchased a local bar, The Finish Line, which he operated until about 2010. He advertised the bar as “Coldest Beer in Downtown Sallisaw.” Glenn became a great source of local and national history in both Oakdale and Sallisaw.  He often returned to Oakdale to visit family and friends, especially for class reunions.

Editor’s Note: Glenn died on June 15, 2020, at St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He suffered a brain hemorrhage from which he did not recover. He was 73 years old. See Modesto Radio Museum’s Tribute to Glenn Fox

KTRB – Glenn Fox Show – 1975 (tape courtesy of Mike Ward)

KTRB – Glenn Fox Last Show – 1/4/1975 (tape courtesy of Mike Ward)

KTRB – Raw production tape of Glenn creating Station IDs for KTRB/KHOP – 1975 (tape courtesy of Mike Ward)

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