Cal Purviance Interview

People would say they milked their cows while listening to Cal Purviance on KTRB in the mornings. Others would say their cows would not give milk until they heard Cal on the air in the mornings. Cal had his own show, “Cal, Your Birthday Pal” and often filled in on the “Old Time Tunes” program hosted by his mentor and boss, Bill Bates. Following Bill Bates’ death in 1969, Cal took over Bill’s show keeping it on the air for many more years. He became the host of KTRB’s Tots and Teens talent show beginning in early ’50s through the ’80s.

Cal Purviance Interview
(video by Wes Page)

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  1. I remember Cal Purviance on KTRB in Modesto. I remember him talking to Earl Purty from Dodge Ridge and I forget the guy’s name at Echo Summit, Myers, Calif.

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