Welcome to the Modesto Radio Museum!  

Modesto, California is home to a number of stations.   The first started in 1933! 

We offer stories and photos, news clippings and audio recordings.  We hope to share what it was like to be “on the air” reaching audiences through music, news and local entertainment.

In most sections, you can leave comments.   Maybe you heard something once on the radio; maybe you were the one who said something on the radio; maybe you knew an announcer.  We’d like you to share.  

Spend some time inside; that’s what museums are all about.

First, we pay tribute to Bill Bates, founder of KTRB, Modesto’s first station.  “Beer Barrel Polka,” was Bill’s theme song.  For decades, this song brought smiles to thousands.  It meant Bill’s show was about to begin:
Modesto’s great radio heritage began with Bill Bates!
You can learn a little bit about the Museum’s origins by watching this video.   Thanks!