News commentator Charles Osgood, a lover of radio, once commented, “In a way, I wish television was invented first.   That way, we could say, ‘Radio is just like Television, except you don’t have to look at it.'”   Our Museum offers a lot of Radio to look at; it’s so valuable  it’s in a vault!

Our Video Vault  fills an entire Menu Bar Category.   We congratulate Modesto Radio Museum Founding Father, and well-known videographer, Wes Page.   Wes followed the examples of Webmaster Emeritus, Bob Pinheiro, then produced virtually all of these videos!    The other videos he tracked down, edited, and narrated.  Yes, he’s the audio to each video!   We owe him a lot.

A Young Wes Page.
A Forever Young Wes Page






Here’s a photo he took in 1966 at the Fourth of July Parade:

It attests to the popularity of Top-40 KFIV.  A man walked his donkey along the parade route with a sign that read,  “I don’t listen to K-5 and you know what I am.”



And you know what we are?  We are proud of Wes, and proud of what’s in the Video Vault.   To see it all, you may proudly enter here:

vault door open
The door is open; click and enjoy.


With sadness we note Olivia Newton-John passed away August 8th.   The Radio Museum’s Rick Myers met Olivia twice, and wrote a touching tribute.  You may read that story right here:  “I Honestly Love You.”.