We’re streaming Solid Gold Oldies from the Graffiti Capitol of the world! The Modesto Radio Museum proudly brings to you…




Many Ways to listen: 

One way is click on the Graffiti Gold logo below. Then bookmark it, save it on your device’s home screen and listen 24/7 !!  (NOTE: clicking on the logo will take you away from this page. Use your back button to return here) :

Other ways to find and listen to Graffiti Gold include

Google SearchGraffiti Gold Oldies (Soon, this will change to simply Graffiti Gold)

Bing Search:  Graffiti Gold (We show up at the top of the list!)

Radioline.co  Search, Graffiti Gold

Listen through the Live365 app which you can find at the following locations:

 · Live365 web directory

· Live365  iOS and Android mobile apps stores

· Live365 Alexa skill

· Live365 smart TV apps 

· airable-enabled devices, like Yamaha & Technics

Graffiti Gold is the Radio Museum’s musical gift!  Music is one form of memories, as are our stories, photos, and audio & video recordings.   Our Menu of Topics is at the top of each page.  Browse all you like; feel free to stay a long time.