Summertime, and Where were you in ’62??

This time of year, the battle cry is, “Where were you in ’62?”   Those who WERE HERE would rush to local music stores every week, and wait to snatch up the newest Hit Music Survey.   From that treasured year, here’s what one looked like:


Our thanks to Al Golub for capturing Graffiti Night Back in the Day

Graffiti Time always brings the question, “Did Wolfman  Jack ever work in Modesto?? The Wolfman  was the soundtrack voice on the movie, “American Graffiti.” Through the years, “The Wolfman” appeared at several of Modesto’s famous Graffiti Weekends.   The Museum’s Derek Waring researched The Wolfman  in Modesto, and found photos, personal stories, and audio.   It’s all right here.  Wolfman Jack, Did he Work in Modesto?

Along with the Wolfman, numerous celebrities have connections to Modesto.  You can read those stories in our Menu Category, The F.A.M.E. of Radio.


What was the MUSIC of the Cruise Era?  It’s the music we play on Graffiti Gold:

Traffic Jams?? 

Graffiti Weekend CREATED Traffic Jams!

Courtesy Al Golub Photography


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