Kent Whitt and the Downbeats

Kent Whitt and the Downbeats was the first Modesto area rock ‘n’ roll band. Members of the band included Kent Whitt on drums, Bob DeLeon on Keyboard, Danny Toledo on Sax, Bill Gross on Bass, and Connie Hightman on Guitar. Kent Whitt and the Downbeats first formed to play school dances at Modesto High  and then became a popular draw in the area, playing the California Ballroom and the Fable Room as well as high school gyms.

Kent Whitt and the Downbeats played the California Ballroom, the Fable Room as well as many high school gyms.

The band developed quite a name for itself and in December of 1963 was invited to participate in a USO tour to entertain troops in Alaska, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, Okinawa, and  Vietnam. It was a five month tour which lasted until May, 1964.  While in Vietnam three members of the band got notice that he had been drafted.

In 2021 during an open house at the Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum Kent Whitt agreed to an interview with the Modesto Radio Museum.  Enjoy as he shares his memories with you.

Interview with Kent Whitt
video by Wes Page

4 thoughts on “Kent Whitt and the Downbeats”

  1. Thank you for keeping the “ Good Ole Days” alive in my heart. MHS band, drum major Kent, class-mates Bill and Bob, the concerts we played……and on it goes. Best wishes.
    JWF, Tallahassee

  2. I went to a dance at Playland where they played. (think it was on Kansas Avenue)
    I think about 1962.

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