The Carol Glass Story

(Excerpts from a printed article on February 18, 1944. Publication name is unknown.  Courtesy of Sandra McCoy, Modesto Radio Museum)
Carol Glass in costume for a performance.

Mrs. Carol Glass was born in Stanislaus County, the daughter of pioneers, and the youngest of seven children. Mrs. Glass had a desire to work in radio, which led her to the Floyd Gibbons School of Broadcasting, headquartered in Washington D.C.

She graduated on December 12, 1932, six months before KTRB went on the air.  Her training led to her hiring!

In 1934, shortly after Modesto’s first radio station KTRB came on the air, she became the moderator of  The Children’s Hour  heard at  10 o’clock Saturday mornings.

In addition to local children, children from  distant towns, such as San Jose, Vallejo, Stockton, Lodi, as well as from all parts of Stanislaus county were heard performing each week.  Mrs. Glass and the children  appeared numerous times in person at  The  Strand Theater  and at other local events.   Mrs. Glass’s sister, Georgia Lyons, was the pianist on the program for many years.

Amazingly, The Stanislaus County Committee for the International Exposition on Treasure Island chose The Children’s Hour

The Children’s Hour float at The World’s Fair–1939 & 1940

as a feature representing Stanislaus County for both years of THE WORLD’S FAIR, also known as the Golden Gate International Exposition, held at San Francisco’s Treasure Island  in 1939 and 1940.

Treasure Island, 1939, home of The World’s Fair!

Prior to the Children’s Hour,  Mrs. Glass and 5 girlfriends  formed a singing group they called the “Melody Maids” which sang on KTRB every Sunday night at 7 PM during a program they called “Smile Awhile”.    Mrs. Glass was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O.C.  Bangs, who owned and lived on  a 480 acre ranch on Bangs Avenue.

We think this video on Carol Glass helps bring her amazing story to life:
The Story of Carol Glass
(Produced by Wes Page for the Modesto Radio Museum, 2009)

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