KEJC, The Ranch TV Promo

KEJC 93.9 was born in January, 1995 when it received a FCC license to broadcast. Principles were Edward J. Cardoza and Smokey Silver.  Cardoza, a Manteca businessman and Silver, an area disc jockey for over 50 years. It took months for Smokey and others at KEJC to convert songs from his record collection into the computers. The result allowed the station to broadcast vintage country tunes that had not been heard on the airways for many years.

KEJC like many current radio stations was automated. Computers literally picked the songs, played them, plugged in the prerecorded commercials and announcer voice tracks and logged exactly what was played and when. The computers could be programmed to select songs by decade, by artist, by tempo, by title or by other categories. According to KEJC staff they were able to program the station for a week at a time if they wanted.  That allowed staff  just shut the door and go home. In fact they would lock the doors at 5:00 pm each day and the computer would run the station  until they came in the next day at 9:00 am.

KEJC, The Ranch 30 Second TV Promo

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