Salty’s Record Attic

Salty’s Record Attic has been closed for years following owner Ramona Saben’s death in December of 2013. Ramona’s husband Craig continued to serve customers for a short while until his death in August of 2014.  Salty’s was a wealth of musical resources to individuals, radio stations and disc jockeys of the area. Ramona had an undeniably keen knowledge of the music and the artists from any genre and any year. 

Ramona and Craig Saben

Ramona was a friend to many and an integral part of the radio and entertainment business in this area. She was always ready to help people including local DJs research music and find rare records. Derek Waring of the former DJ service, Bob & Derek (Bob DeLeon and Derek Waring) relates that Ramona was so helpful to their business that when working they always  had a sign in front of their equipment that read, “Music From Salty’s Record Attic” because Ramona would always happily provide them with records that they needed, no charge.

Ramona Saben surrounded by vinyl at Salty’s Record Attic

Here’s a Modesto Radio Museum tribute to Salty’s Record Attic and the people who kept our records spinning and the music playing.

History of Salty’s Record Attic
video:, Morris Smith

Family and Friends Remember Salty’s Record Attic and Ramona Saben
video: Elaine Vincent

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2 thoughts on “Salty’s Record Attic”

  1. My name is Mindy and when I was a teenager I used to come to Salty’s Records. Ramona was so helpful to help me find records that I was looking for. She would buy a lot of my old records and I would turn around and buy more from her and her husband. They were the nicest people and if for some reason she didn’t have it she some how knew where to get it and it didn’t take long to get it in and she didn’t charge much to order a record for you either. I am sorry to just find out that they have both gone to heaven, what a great loss for the city of Modesto. I know they will be greatly missed, prayers to their family.

    1. Hi Melinda –
      Your message was passed on to me by the team at the Modesto Radio Museum.
      My name is Kathy Hansen and I am Ramona and Craig’s daughter.
      Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. My mom always did try to go out of her way to find that very special song or record someone had their heart set on.
      Once again, thank you for your kind words.

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