In this section of the Modesto Radio Museum you will be able to hear voices from the past. We bring them back to you using a thing called airchecks. James Careless in his article The Ever-Evolving Role of Airchecks says, Anyone who has deejayed in radio in the past 60 years knows about airchecks. They are as much a part of top 40 radio’s legacy as spinning Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” and exploiting its 8:02 running time for a much-needed bathroom break.

In top 40 terms, “an aircheck is an off-air recording usually intended to showcase the talent of an announcer or programmer to a prospective employer,” said Rick Burnett, former radio deejay and owner of in St. Paul, Minn. “Additionally,  airchecks were used for self-critique and evaluation by radio management and for legal archiving of content that is broadcast over the air.”

Most of the audio gems that we have for you are from old audio tapes that we have found or have had donated to the museum. We have painstakingly digitized them for use here. Some clips are from actual radio programs at the time, some are commercials and some are clips of memorable interchanges between personalities.

You can use the Radio Museum’s convenient Menu (top of the page on your desk-top;  just scroll down on your smart phone) to navigate through these treasures or just pick one below and click on it and BAM, the hits just keep on comin’!  Enjoy and come back often as we will be adding new airchecks regularly. 

Mel Williams – Aircheck

Glenn Fox – Aircheck

Jay Coffey – Aircheck

Bob Lang – Aircheck

Bob Lang and Tim St. Martin – Aircheck

Tammy Lynn – Aircheck

Bob De Leon – Aircheck

Ron Richards “Rockin Ron” – Aircheck

Mike Novak – Aircheck

Rick Myers – Aircheck

Gary Avey (G. Martin Avey) – Aircheck

Bob Malik – Aircheck

Derek Waring – Aircheck

Mike Green – Aircheck

John Chappell – Aircheck

Terry Nelson – Aircheck

Kim Dooley – Aircheck

Note: Please feel free to leave your comments after listening to an aircheck.