Yes, Radio can mean Video! 

The Modesto Radio Museum offers you videos both informative, and entertaining.   We want you to see how radio was “back in the day,” which in Modesto, started in 1933.

You’ll learn about The Early Days of KTRB, from 1933 and into the early 1960s.  You’ll hear old music tracks including “Beer Barrel Polka” which station owner Bill Bates began his  program with each morning.   “Get Out Those Old Phonograph Records” was aired by Virgil Risley each evening.   Yes, he dusted off and played the oldies, mostly  78 rpm records.   The very first song ever played on KTRB was “Back in Your Own Back yard.”  It followed Bill Bates’ welcoming comments as the station went on the air, June 18,1933.  All this and much, much more awaits you in our VIDEO VAULT!

Enjoy, and come back often. We thank Bob Sterling and Wes Page for their research, film editing, and videography.   

View as many as you like; each one is super!

VIDEO VAULT INDEX (click on your choice)

 Welcome to The Modesto Radio Museum KTRB – The Early Years
Cal Purviance Interview Mel Freedman Interview
 Cecil Lynch – His Introduction to Radio George Stevans Interview
The Carol Glass Story Max Sayre and Cal Purviance Interview
Mike Novak – How It All Began  Salty’s Record Attic
KEJC 93.9, The Ranch TV Promo  Who Changes Those Tower Lights?
John Huey – How I Was Convinced To Go Into Radio
 Shotgun Tom Kelly – Broadcasting From The Sturgeon
Memories of Terry Nelson – Constance Nelson and Tricia Nelson-Milburn
 Kent Whitt and the Downbeats
Top 40 Radio Northern California