Memories of Terry Nelson – Constance Nelson and Tricia Nelson-Milburn

Terry Nelson’s radio career began at KFIV in Modesto and from there he made stops at numerous radio stations across the country sharing his lovable sense of humor and his sharp wit. His laugh was infectious; he was the kind of guy that people wanted to hear everyday so they could get their Terry Nelson “Fix.”

The KFIV crew during Terry’s early days of radio.

The Modesto Radio Museum’s Derek Waring has been working closely with Constance Nelson, Terry’s wife and his daughter Tricia Nelson-Milburn to digitize many of Terry’s old airchecks and preserve these memories within The Modesto Radio Museum Website. Many thanks to Constance and Tricia for allowing us the opportunity to share samples of Terry Nelson’s radio career with our Modesto Radio Museum visitors.

Derek Waring with Constance Nelson, Tricia Nelson-Milburn and “cardboard Terry”

Constance and Tricia attended the Modesto Graffiti Days celebration in June of 2022 along with what they lovingly refer to as “cardboard Terry” which is a cardboard picture of Terry Nelson that was used to fill a seat at the Oakland A’s games during the COVID 19 shutdown. Terry was a big A’s fan. Cardboard Terry is now frequently seen beside Constance and Tricia at special events.

Terry Nelson

Terry passed away peacefully at home on May 26, 2020. There are many wonderful stories about Terry Nelson; Derek had the pleasure of asking Constance and Tricia to each share a personal favorite of theirs with us.

Memories of Terry Nelson – Constance Nelson and Tricia Nelson-Milburn
video by Wes Page

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