Shotgun Tom Kelly – Broadcasting From The Sturgeon

In June of 2022 Modesto recognized  one of the “Power House” radio stations of the ’60s and ’70s. To many back then KFRC, The Big 610 was pumping out the hits for us from San Francisco because, truth be known, even though we were loyal to our local radio stations we would sneak over to 610 on the dial for our regular dose of Dr. Don Rose, Mike Novak, Bob Malik, Terry Nelson etc. After all some of these personalities were local guys and we had to support them, right?

Shotgun Tom Kelly is also a part of KFRC history and even though he is not a Modesto native he has strong ties to our community. Shotgun is best friends with KFIV’s Johnny Walker (Bob Neutzling) who was an on air personality at KFIV (K5) in the late ’60s, early ’70s. It was this connection that resulted in Shotgun Tom voicing the intros for the K5 disc jockies. Remember?

Shotgun Tom Kelly K5 Intro

Shotgun Tom is also connected to a number of Modesto DJs through Ogden’s Radio Operational Engineering School because they attended radio school together in the late ’60s. Through the years Shotgun has remained a good friend of ours and we are proud to say that he is a member of the Modesto Radio Museum.

Shotgun Tom and Modesto friends

We were excited to hear that Shotgun Tom Kelly was to be a part of the Modesto, 610 Day and that he was scheduled to broadcast from the historic KFRC, 610 Mobile Studio, the Sturgeon (it looks like a fish).

The Sturgeon in June 2022 during Graffiti Days celebration at the Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum
Shotgun Tom Kelly during Graffiti Days celebration at the Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum

Enjoy this video of Shotgun Tom broadcasting from The Sturgeon from Modesto in June of 2022. If you look closely you will see some of his biggest fans peering at him through the window.

Shotgun Tom Kelly – From the KFRC Sturgeon
video by Wes Page

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