OGDEN’S- Class Photos


R.O.E.S Class of Jan 1968
R.O.E.S Sept. 1964 Sept. 1964 Burbank school.
ROES Class of June 1966
The Ogden Class of July 1967. Top row, far right, Steve Neuman (became a major market DJ in San Francisco) Top row, 5th from the right,  Joe Rainer.  2nd row from the top, 3rd from the left, Augustine (Augie) Soto.   Also in 2nd row from the top, at far right, Jhani Kaye.
3rd row from the top, second person from the right, Boyd Wagstaff
R.O.E.S Class of January 1968
R.O.E.S. Class of June 1968



R.O.E.S Class January 1969
R.O.E.S. Class of April 1969
R.O.E.S Class July 1969

These only a few of the many class photos taken over the years.   If you have your class photo, please  Click here and send us that photo.  Along with the photo, include as many names as you can.


Derek video clip of Solid Gold radio show.