News Delivery

How News Was Delivered  to radio stations
Anyone who worked in radio or TV stations prior to the computer and satellite era,  which began in the early ’80s,  will remember how the news they delivered on-the-air reached them. The gathering and reporting of the news by radio has come a long ways since the beginning of broadcasting.
In the “old days” the news,  supplied by reporters around the world,  was fed to radio stations around the country primarily by telephone data and voice lines  (teletype machines and voice networks.).  Many stations were affiliated with a major network like NBC, CBS, ABC, & Mutual, to name a few, which was delivered by a newsreaders over network lines.
Additionally, stations received news via teletype networks including United Press and Associated Press  and local news copy which was prepared and delivered from local stations as depicted in the photos below of the KTRB  newsroom in the  60’s.
Today,  satellites have become the transport method and computers greatly assist the newsreaders delivering the news on-the-air.

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