Welcome to the Radio Museum

  Welcome to the Modesto Radio Museum.    Modesto’s first radio station was KTRB.   Its first day on the air was June 18, 1933.   Starting with that day,  this museum has collected recordings, photos, stories, even video recordings.   Modesto radio stations have a strong history, and our goal is to tell the Modesto Radio story..

We thank  Al Golub, former photographer with the Modesto Bee, for one of our new stories.    In 1968, Al followed KBEE newscaster, Dick Boynton, and photographed his day at work.  “A Day In the Life of a Newscaster,” captures what radio journalism was all about.

Also, please enjoy our new story about a Modesto youngster who loved playing radio contests, and how that love led him all the way to Radio Director at the White House!  It’s a marvelous, true story.



The Museum’s podcasts of “Hollywood & Levine,”  is a popular feature.   Ken Levine has allowed us to share his interviews with  several of  the nation’s leading radio personalities.  What was  it like being on the radio?   Go to the Menu Category  The F.A.M.E. of Radio, and HEAR all about it.

AirChecks is one of our most popular features.  As promised, we’ve added more.   Derek Waring is our “Raider of The Lost Archives.”    He has edited and digitized these disc jockey shows giving us  a glimpse of radio’s magic.    We now have Sixteen AirChecks for you.  Air checks allowed disc jockeys to listen to their work, have others critique their work, and were  part of their resumes when applying for jobs.   It’s always a good time to check out AirChecks.

Use our Menu to locate any radio station, and learn its history.   If you know exactly what you’re looking for, the Search Bar will get you there.

How about something from 1933?   Listen to the theme song of Bill Bates, the owner and morning show host of KTRB.  For thirty-six years, here’s how thousands of Central Californians started their day:

Our Museum is open Twenty-four/Seven.    The doors to our studios are always open.  You might say we’re on the air, right now.