The Modesto Radio Museum salutes the historical KBEE-AM & FM.   Did you know that  KAT COUNTRY-103 used to be KBEE-FM!   Or, The “Bee” nickname comes from “The MODESTO BEE.”   Or, that KBEE-AM first came on the air as K-BOX, because the owners liked baseball?  Yes, it  was  “Your Box Seat for the Best in Radio”….Want more?   In newspaper terms, you can “read all about it,” right here: RADIO IN A BOX.

November 1st, 1951, the “Box” was opened for all to hear!  Modesto had another station.

AirChecks is one of our most popular features.  Air checks allowed disc jockeys to listen to their work, have others critique their work, and were part of their resumes when applying for jobs.   Kim Dooley is another local who made the big time!   She started at Downey High School, and had an impressive, major market 40+year career!  She donated several of her shows, which  the Museum’s Derek Waring has digitized.   You can  listen to Kim and learn her story right here.   It’s always a good time to check out AirChecks.

The Modesto Radio Museum is a Museum thinking about the future!   We have a Dream Home, right inside the Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum.

We’ll be there someday.   And, yes, your donations will help. Until then, use our Menu to locate any topic, station, or person of interest.  If you know exactly what you’re looking for, the Search Bar will get you there.

We love this song!  It’s the song  KTRB played every morning at 8am for 36 years!  This may be the original Oldie but Goodie:

Enjoy your tour.