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Bob Lang has repeatedly said of his twenty-years in broadcasting, “the first five years at KTRB in Modesto were the happiest of my professional career and I never made less money!”

Bob Lang in the KTRB Studios in 1969, looking good, sounding good but broke.

Bob attended high school in Sacramento and graduated from San Francisco State in 1968 just before getting his First Class Radiotelephone Operator’s License at Ogden’s in Huntington Beach.

Bob was a green kid when he joined the staff of KTRB in August 1969.  He worked with Tom Romano, Andy Anderson, newsman Art Baker, and mobile news reporter Don Schneider.  At his audition, Program Director Cal Purviance inadvertently snapped the leader off Bob’s audition tape.  Bob always figured that’s why he got the job!

Tom Romano, Tim St. Martin and Bob Lang at KTRB.

Tim St. Martin soon joined the staff as News Director from neighboring KFIV and he and Bob became on-air partners.  Bob was Production Manager and the two produced several two-voice commercials, many of them ad lib.  Soon Bob DeLeon also left rival KFIV and became KTRB’s Music Director.  Derek Waring, who had attended Ogden’s radio school with Bob, also migrated from KFIV.  This was the team that lasted until the mid-1970s—they remained friends for five decades.

The “Team” from KTRB: Bob Lang, Bob De Leon, Tim St. Martin, and Derek Waring at a Central Valley Broadcasters lunch.

Bob left KTRB in late 1974 and moved north to Sacramento where he joined KGMS radio.  His career took a turn into television for ten years at KTXL, Channel 40 and KXTV, Channel 10 where he was a writer/producer of commercials and special events including two critically acclaimed documentaries.  He also hosted the afternoon Jackpot Movie and various special events.  From there he moved back into radio as the first morning host of KYMX, Mix-96 along with other freelance positions over the years.

Bob also taught community college media classes and eventually left the media industry for a career as an equipment and soft skills trainer.  He retired from the California Department of Corrections in 2011 as a project manager where he also supervised the media center at Mule Creek State Prison in Ione.

Bob was as enthusiastic about teaching as he was about radio and TV!

Bob Lang has also written two books including a style guide for professional communicators called Now You’re Talkin’.  Available on Amazon. A third book is on the way.  And he was a guitarist and singer in the Sacramento classic rock horn band On Air for 35 years until the COVID pandemic put a halt to life as we all know it.

Bob gave listening audiences many years of excellent entertainment. The following airchecks are samples of his work . As you will hear Bob had a great sense of humor and wonderful timing.

1969-1974, KTRB:  Bob burst onto the airwaves in August of 1969. He was a favorite of KTRB listeners in the Central Valley for over five years. His final show was in December of 1974.  The show consisted of memorable moments from his time at KTRB. Here it is, brought to you in two episodes for your listening pleasure.

Bob Lang’s final show – Episode One:

Bob Lang’s final show – Episode Two:

1975 – 1990:  Bob moved to Sacramento in 1975 where he worked for KGMS. After KGMS he spent ten years working in television but did some weekend air shifts for KGNR circa 1980. He worked at KZAP around 1987 and KYMX in 1990. Here is a compilation of clips from his time at these stations that we think you’ll enjoy.

2012 – KFIV Graffiti Gold Weekend.  Modesto area DJs from the past were invited to a reunion which coincided with Modesto’s annual Graffiti Days Celebration. Bob Lang was kind enough to do a few hours on the air.


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3 thoughts on “Bob Lang – Aircheck”

  1. I was the receptionist at KTRB for a year or two while Bob, Tim, Tom and Cal were there. It was my first serious job. The guys would always walk thru to see Hilda or the station manager (can’t think of his name, but he was a grump!). I was laid off when the station was purchased around 1972, went back to school and became a history teacher.

    1. Hi Marilyn! ‘Good to know you’re still around. The general manager was Sam Horel, but he really just looked like a grump! The sales manager was Dick Brown who served as general manager before Sam showed up. History teacher…good for you! Stay safe. Bob

  2. Hey Bob! Remember me… “Jan London”?? KTRB was my first radio gig right out of broadcasting school in Huntington Beach and I did weekends then quickly moved into Afternoon drive (for a little over minimum wage! ) in 1990-1991 before I made the move to Sac then met you at KNCI. KTRB was a country station then. JW Ford was the program director. Gene DiCardo was there, also Fred Hunter. What great memories! I’d go to the bathroom and the station cat would be up on the console swiping the needle on the weekly country countdown record that still came on vinyl!! LOL I too retired from the state in 2014 as a PIO for various agencies, the last 7 years being DMV. Good seeing you here!

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