A Thankful month at The Radio Museum

Thanks for checking us out! 

Viewers from Ninety-Two countries have tuned in so far!    Perhaps Radio IS the universal language.

What are we thankful for?  Let us count the ways:

  • 83,000 views, so far.  That’s a lot, and yet the museum never gets crowded.
  • KTRB brought Radio to Modesto; way to go, Bill Bates!
  • We’re thankful for Bob Pinheiro, a Museum Founding Father, who thought this new thing called “the internet” might catch on, and he tackled website building, which wasn’t easy in the beginning.
  • We’re thankful for Derek Waring, who digitizes 60-year old audio, and has filled our archives.  Could you imagine a radio museum that you couldn’t listen to? Neither could we.
  • We’re thankful for Wes Page, our videographer, who, decades ago,  had the forethought to video record many broadcast legends, while they were still with us.   Wes’s work is preserved in the museum’s Video Vault.
  • We’re thankful for photographer, Al Golub, who graciously allows us to display his works.   He has placed History at our fingertips.
  • We’re thankful for the USA Graffiti Classic Car Museum for providing our museum a place of residence.
  • We’re thankful for David Ferrell Jackson, of the Bay Area Radio Museum for inspiring us to be more and more creative.
  • We’re thankful for the Comments you write in, and how often viewers use Comments to connect with old radio friends.  This has been an unintended blessing.
  • Every good idea, sooner or later, costs money.  We’re especially thankful for the donations we receive, and the donors who support our visions.

If you stopped by to browse, and why else are you here, we make browsing easy.   Our Menu has Twelve Categories.   Pick a category, any category, and browse as long as you’d like.  Come back often; we promise we’ll keep growing.  You might say, The Hits Will Keep On Coming!