The Radio Museum, it Really is a Scree-em

The Radio Museum remembers Halloween

Halloween, we believe, started the phrase, “Wow, that guy has  a face for radio.”

The station’s sales staff  had one sales pitch:  “Buy commercials, or we’ll hang around, and scare away customers.”

The owner seemed like a standup guy, but he slept hanging upside down.  His favorite jock was the all-night crypt kicker.

The F.C.C. lived up to its reputation as a fine organization.  Each fine was $10,000.

The Top-40 became The Top-2, “Monster Mash” and “Werewolves of London.” 

The evening jock didn’t play music; she read bedtime stories.   Management had no clue why she was rated Number 1 among Men 18-34.   


The Radio Museum probably won’t trick you, but then again we might.   

This Halloween, step inside, if you dare. . .