Hi Rick,

I think   we could use  “Audio Vault” (or whatever you want to call it) page.   Below is a what one might look like.

If you like the idea and  want  to implement it, then  we can work on it.  There is a problem that I have discovered which must be solved before we can  proceed.  Hopeful this problem is something easily fixed by t urning something on or off.  I don’t know of any. I have never come across this before and wonder if it is as WP  problem . Could  be only on my  computer.  So,  please  help me narrow it down .

(The Problem)

Below are various  audio clips from our library.     When I click on he START arrow the clip starts playing        and stops  at the end of the clip  which is the way it is suppose to.

Here comes the problem.  You click on any clip and start listening.  Before the clip finishes playing you decide to bail out and click on a different  clip.    This should stop the first clip and switch to the second clip you selected.   In BWordpress  (on my computer)  the first  clip continues playing  so you have both tracks on at th same time.    As you know, if things were working properly the first clip should be immediately shut down and  switch to the second clip .

Hope you find the problem Mr. Wizard.



Click on  another  clip and while the first clip is playing it is playing you decide  to play a different clip whic




Audio Vault