The Museum Welcomes You to February


February is so Presidential.   

Also Presidential is the love of radio by our nation’s leaders.   “How can I reach more people?” The answer was Radio.

Calvin Coolidge, promoting that his speeches could be heard on the radio. 1924

Radio was becoming huge.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt began his Fireside Chats in 1933 to talk to America in a friendly, conversational way.

He spoke to America this way 31 separate times.






Richard Nixon came to Modesto one time, and radio was his platform:

A young Ronald Reagan was a radio star on his way to bigger things.

He brought a radio microphone to the White House for weekly radio addresses.





George Bush and  Bill Clinton were big users of radio:

Modestan Richard Strauss, served three years as White House Radio Director.
George W. Bush delivered 18 radio addresses.