Welcome to what’s new at our Museum

The Modesto Radio Museum is always On-The-Air   We have two days worth noting.  The first day is SOMEDAY SOON, because the Museum will soon open for viewing inside The Graffiti U.S.A. Classic Car Museum.








The second day to remember is March 5th.   That’s the day for a fun, and huge event, The Cruisin’ for Crab fundraiser.

Make plans to be there.   In the meantime, enjoy what’s inside the Modesto Radio Museum.   Since 1933, Modesto radio has entertained the Central Valley.   The thrill of radio–and all those memories–await.   Check out the above Menu and follow your heart.   We suggest you start with “Memories,” or “AirChecks.”   We’ll see you  March 5th; on that day, together, we’ll go

“Cruisin’ for Crab.”

The Museum has lots of radio jingles from days gone by.    Just for fun, here’s a KTRB Doo-Wop Jingle:

For more merry melodies, check out the “RADIO JINGLES” category from the menu.