The Radio Museum Welcomes You to March


Welcome to the Modesto Radio Museum.   From tubes to transistors, Radio was all about entertainment!   The Radio Museum is all about preserving that Theatre of the Mind.  Our Menu features 11 different categories.  Click on a few and you’l be into hundreds of pages, photos, videos, and stories.

This month we feature the legendary

KFIV was pure fun Top-40.  Home Town Radio at its best.   To learn the K-5 story, click right here.   You can also hear what K-5 was like.  Our own Derek Waring has assembled 17  AirChecks of local radio stars.  It’s OK to eavesdrop; we want you to “tune in.”   What about the fun of KFIV?  Click on “Memories” and have a few laughs.

Courtesy of the California Historical Radio Society, Central Valley Chapter

Dedicated K-5 listeners loved these radios because these radios were dedicated to 1360-AM.    You could listen to KFIV, and nothing else.  Literally, KFIV was the one and only.




This year is the 51st Anniversary of the movie, “American Graffiti.”   Make plans to be in Modesto for Graffiti Weekend, June 7-8-9!    The Hotels booked out early, so get your room and stay all weekend!

The Sturgeon in June 2022 during the Graffiti Weekend celebration at the Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum


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