Welcome to Ninety Years of Radio!

The Modesto Radio Museum has a story to tell, right from our Video Vault

 Modesto native, Carol Glass, wanted to be part of this new medium called radio.    She didn’t want to get lucky; she wanted to get prepared.   In 1932, before Modesto even had a radio station, she enrolled and graduated at a broadcasting school in Washington D.C.





Yes, KTRB hired this young broadcaster, and her passions led to  programming so excellent that she landed KTRB in The  WORLD’S FAIR!   How did that happen? How did Carol, who grew up on Bangs Avenue, deliver little 1930s Modesto to the World’s Fair?  The Museum’s Video Vault has The Rest of the Story.


Chester Smith was a kid with a guitar.   It got him on the radio; it got him recording contracts; it got him to be an owner of radio and television.   How good was that guitar?  Give a listen:

We have many more of Chester’s recordings.


Plus, We Mourn the passing of Bob Pinheiro.   

Bob was a Founding Father of the Modesto Radio Museum Foundation.   He was a fine radio announcer and an even finer individual.   He was one of those few individuals who made the world a better place.  Please read Bob’s life story in our Tributes section.  He helped make the Radio Museum a reality, and by himself he built our Website–his dream–into a dream come true.


Radio came to Modesto ninety years ago!  Our history dates back to 1933!  We celebrate our industry with hundreds of pages, filled with photos, audio recordings, and memories.

This is your Museum, your archives to what was Radio in Modesto!   The doors are always open, and the On-Air Light is always lit.  

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