Welcome, It’s The Graffiti Time of Year

Since Spring has Sprung,  The Radio Museum turns its attention to all things chrome.   Along with cruising and car shows,  we salute a true California Oldie But Goodie, the legendary Shotgun Tom Kelly!   Tom is a member of the Modesto Radio Museum Foundation, and he has great news!   We’ll let him share that news right here (Click on his picture below):

Congratulations, Tom, on entering the California Music Hall of Fame!   We salute your 55 consecutive years in broadcasting.  Don’t stop now.



Speaking of Oldies but Goodies, Wolfman Jack was the soundtrack voice on the movie, “American Graffiti.” Through the years, “The Wolfman” played part in Modesto’s famous Graffiti Weekends.   The Museum’s Derek Waring researched Wolfman’s Modesto history, and found photos, personal stories, and audio.   It’s all right here:

Wolfman Jack, Did he Work in Modesto?

Along with the Wolfman, numerous celebrities have connections to Modesto.  You can read those stories in our Menu Category, The F.A.M.E. of Radio.

This year is the 50th Anniversary of the movie, “American Graffiti.”   Make plans to be in Modesto for Graffiti Weekend, June 9-10-11.  We’re bringing back some legendary DJs, and. . . The KFRC Sturgeon.

The Sturgeon in June 2022 during the Graffiti Weekend celebration at the Graffiti USA Classic Car Museum


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