Ogden's Radio School Index
- -Hey Ogden grad....I'm sure these pages will bring back some life long memories of the time you spent at R.O.E.S in either Burbank (1949- 1964)  or in Huntington Beach (1965-1974) .  Without the contributions of former graduates like you what you will see here would not have been possible.   Here's your chance to help preserve the history of Ogden's.  Please take a minute or two to share your memories by signing the Ogden's Guestbook.  Even if you have previously signed the book please sign it again.    None of us are  "spring chickens"  so do it now while you can.   Consider it your contribution to history and your gratitude for Bill, Tally, Thora, Richard Keil and others who made it all possible.   Photos or other memorabilia are also welcome. Thanks .....and "Coffee's Get'em high!"