KFIV/KMOD Modesto, CA History

KFIV control room on E. Orangeburg 1983
(Courtesy of Tammy Lynn)
KFIV 1 KW transmitter at E. Orangeburg Studios 1983
(Courtesy of Tammy Lynn)
(Courtesy of Cathy D'Accardo Schezer)
Top 30 November 3, 1971
(Courtesy of John Chappell)
(Tentative ID)   L-R  Bobby Barnett, program director at KFIV in 1958 - 1960.   Larry Oshier (air name  Larry Larson) who graduated from Modesto High in 1961.   Fred Green, Jerry Lang and/or Dave Lee (Ogglesby).  Anyone know for sure?

(Courtesy of Cathy D'Accardo Schezer)

Call Sign  Begin Date
KFIV       02/22/1991
KASH      03/17/1989
KFIV       09/02/1985
KMOD      1950
Courtesy of Bill Slayter
1971 L-R Johnny Walker, Bob DeLeon, Roy Williams, John Huey and Mark Taylor.

(Photo Courtesy of Bob Neutzling)

(Courtesy of Bill Slayter)

K5's Derek Waring in the 60's

This is a photoshop recreation created by Eric Braun of what the K-5 studios looked like in the 50's with the addition of 3 period vehicles.  Thanks to Eric and Bill Slayter of ZORCH  publications.  
KFIV November 29, 1972
L-R J. Michael Stevens, Kenny Roberts (Tinkle), Diane Cartwright, Larry Maher, Don Shannon, unknown
(Courtesy of Graffiti Magazine and Bill Slayter)

Russ Novak at KFIV in 1985.
(Courtesy of Kenn Shearer, Tulsa, OK )
(Courtesy of Kenn Shearer, Tulsa, OK )
These microphone replicas were actually one channel radio receivers  (1360 KFIV of course) used as promotional items given to advertisers who purchased a minimum numbers of spots  (commercial ads) on the station. They were popular in the 60's and 70's and employed by many stations across the country.  (Courtesy of Bill Slayter and Salty's Record Attic.)

KFIV air check with John Chappell from the mid 70's
(Courtesy of Floyd Perry Jr.)
(Courtesy of Bill Slayter)

KFIV DJ's L–R –(seated) Roy Williams. (Standing) Tim St. Martin, Bob De León, Terry Nelson, Tony Flores (air name: Tony Townsend). KFIV was one of the many sponsors of the 1969 school year book "The Shield".    (Courtesy of Rock 'n Ron Richards)

Courtesy of Derek Waring
Mel Freedman, chief engineer 60s and 70s.

(Courtesy of Mel Freedman.)

Historical dates for KMOD / KFIV. 

1. (September 20, 1949)     The Federal Communications Commission reinstated a grant to radio Modesto, Incorporated radio broadcast station KMOD on 1360 kc in Modesto California. Frank Helm owner of Helm Chevrolet Modesto withdrew his competing application. Clearing the way for the FCC action.  Members of  Radio Modesto, Inc. included John Schacht, formerly of San Mateo and Modestans Warren and Richard Giddings and John A. Griffin.

2.   KMOD signed on the air March 20, 1950.

3.  KMOD sold May 1, 1957 to Modesto Broadcasting Company. 
           Group headed by
    Ruth Finley, President;
    Ted Wolf- General manager;
    Judd Sturtevant- Commercial manager
    Gene D'Accardo, Program Director,
     Mel Freedman, Chief Engineer

     Call letters change to KFIV. (K-5)
4. in 1959 K-5 sold again. It appeared from records that many of the principles of Modesto Broadcasting Company were included in the new group which added A.J.Krisik and others. Business name changed to  KFIV Inc. Mr. Krisik, and other members of the group had interests in KFAX in San Francisco and KGMS in Sacramento.  Krisik and business partner Ellsworth Peck also had interests in KNGS, Hanford, CA and  KSBW TV in Salinas.

5.  In 1966 station was purchased by a Southern California group headed by Robert Fenton this group was credited with bringing the station to a number one rating with a pop hits of the day format.

6.   KFIV began as KMOD for K-Modesto.   The abreviation  ‘mod’ was not yet accepted slang for  the word "modern"  and people started calling the station KMOD with the connotation  of a camode as in toilet. The owner of the station tired of people making fun of his station and changed the station identification to KFIV shortly thereafter representing news, sports, weather, and time.

The photo on the left above was taken in the mid-50s shortly after KMOD (KFIV's predecessor)  came on the air in 1950. The original studios and offices were located on E. Orangeburg Ave., approximately a quarter of a mile east. Of Oakdale Rd. in a walnut orchard.    The station's three towers were  located further back in walnut orchard behind the studios.

The modification to this photograph (the one on the right) includes the addition of the walnut trees in the background and a new sign on the marquee. Those who remember the original building and the location will agree the altered photo is more reflective of the actual appearance of the station late 1950s.  Sometime in the 1980s,  or possibly 90s,  the property was sold and a subdivision was subsequently built.  K5 moved it's transmitting equipment to the building owned and occupied by KESP (originally KBOX) just off Oakdale Road on Sylvan Avenue where it shares the the building and antennas with KESP. K-5 studios were first moved from Orangeburg Avenue to a location on Sisk Road in Northwest Modesto near the Vintage Faire mall and later to its present location on Lancey Drive at Oakdale Road in Modesto. Today the station is owned by Clear Channel Communications
KFIV air check with John Chappell from the mid 70's
(Courtesy of John Chappell)
K-5 gave away the buttons at remotes circa June 1975. Photo was taken for a weekly K-5 music list flyer.

(Courtesy of Mike Green via Derek Waring)