The Modesto Radio Museum is a  virtual (on-line) museum dedicated to preserving the history of commercial broadcasting in Modesto and the area beginning in 1933 when KTRB signed on the air in Modesto.  Our goal is to increase and preserve the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of their efforts.  It  is designed to provide a collection of  artifacts, photos  and information on the people who pioneered the way.

In 1933 Bill Bates and Modesto businessman T.R. McTammany created a verbal partnership which led to the valley's first commercial broadcast station KTRB.  The station was the only station in Modesto until April 1948 when the McClatchy newspaper organization put KBEE-FM on in Modesto. In  1949 a group of Turlock, CA businessmen got together and built the third  station KTUR,  followed soon by KMOD in March 1950 and KBOX late in  1951.  

A freeze on new licenses was lifted in 1963 when KLOC in Ceres hit the air followed by KOSO, Patterson, CA ; KMIX FM in in Turlock 1978;  KQKK, Manteca, CA ;  KDJK, Oakdale, CA; KITA-FM, Modesto, CA;  KPLA, Riverbank, CA ; KEJC-FM  Modesto, CA and KMPH in 2006.   We hope you enjoy your visit to this on-line museum and the history of the men and women  who brought  broadcasting to the San Joaquin Valley of California  in 1933.
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