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KTRB Covers whistle stop
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Anyone who worked in radio or TV stations prior to the computer and satellite era, which began in the early 80s, will remember how news they delivered on the air reach them.  The main source was teletype printers connected to telephone lines being fed by a news gathering companies such as United Press and Associated Press.
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Radio Stations in Modesto  1950's-80's

On June 18, 1933 KTRB  AM,  740 kHz,  became the first commercial broadcast station on the air in Modesto and Stanislaus County.  The station letter changed frequencies to 860 kHz.  Twenty additional stations join them by 2006.

Burge's Drive-In 1950s.  - KMOD DJ Dwight Case broadcasting live from  Burge's Drive-In.
(Photos courtesy of Steve and Linda Pedego and Bart Bartoni with permission to reprint from MView Magazine.)
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