Modesto Radio Museum, Modesto, CA 95355 Incorporated 2004
KTRB Norwegian to Senior Living facility.
Demolition crews began demolishing the original studios of radio station KTRB on
January 25, 2016 following the sale of the property. KTRB's home for 75 years
(1941-2016) sat on what originally was 40 acres of farmland station owner Bill
Bates purchased on Norwegian Avenue just west of Coffee Road in 1940. Three
cylindrical antennas structures, a studio building and Bates home were
constructed on the southwest corner of the property. The new owner announced
they intended to build an independent and assisted-living facility on the property
with contruction scheduled to begin in 2018.
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A walk down memory lane with news clippings from years gone by.  In 1951 the call letters KBOX were assigned by the FCC for construction of a new radio station in Modesto.  An ad in the local paper in 1926 informed of Bates's Radio Repair shop located in the Covell building downtown and operated by Bill Bates who later went on to build and operate KTRB.  In 1952 story reported attorney Ralph Brown of Modesto made formal application to the Federal Communications Commission for a television station in Modesto on channel 14.
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In the late 40's a group seeking to put the third AM station on the air in Modesto applied for a frequency of 1010 kcs and then amended their application for 970 kcs which was granted. The station came on the air on November 1, 1951 with the call letters KBOX.  The group incorporated as Stanislaus County Broadcasters, Inc. and included  Cecil Lynch; Cecil's dad Mat;  Ralph Brown, a state assemblyman from Modesto and Ralph Bowen an area rancher among others.
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KMOD, Modesto, California, came  on the air March 20th, 1950 on 1360 kilocycles AM with a power of 1,000 watts with studios located on Adams Ave off Old Oakdale road in east Modesto.  The license was issued by the FCC to Radio Modesto,  a corporation owned  by Richard J. Giddings, W.W. Giddings Jr., John E. Griffin and John H. Suacut who was also the station's general manager.  Robert Harrell was KMOD's Chief Engineer coming to Modesto  from the Chicago area.   Gene D'Accardo the news editor came from KTRB in Modesto for 5 years prior.
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Bill Bates was born October 18, 1900 in Whiskey Hill, California (near Watsonville) where he attended elementary school.   He was stricken with polio at the age of 10, which left him strapped to a board for 6 months and his right leg crippled for life.   His father was a major in the US Army who moved his family from the Bay area to Delhi. Growing up included picking prunes and chopping wood, which led Bill to the conclusion he must work with his head.
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November 29, 1965 PATTERSON - A  new maximum power frequency  modulation multiplex stereo radio station is expected  to start broadcasting from Patterson and Modesto soon.   John J.  Markovich a partner in Sierra Pacific Radio  says January 1st is the tentative starting date. He says with the exception of a minor technicality, the company's permit has been approved by the Federal Communications Commission.  The call letters of the station will be KOSO. It will be found at 93.1 on the FM Band.  Complete Story!
Broadcasting in Modesto Area
begins with KTRB in 1933
As an immigrant to this country, from Germany , I  became a US citizen, in part, to someday try to fulfill a long held dream to own and operate a radio station. And in 1976, along with my wife, Anne, we decided to go ahead and file an application with the Federal Communications Commission to build and operate a new FM station that could serve the Modesto Market. Initially planning was to apply for a new Class-A FM frequency that was available in Manteca , CA. 
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Payola Scanal hits broadcasting stations.
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Changing lights 1700 feet!
Text to voice conversion advancements.